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Welcome To Yinchorr,

This is the page of a armorer devoted to those men in red, the Emperor's Royal Guard; more specifically their armor. I've studied the Crimson Empire comic series well and decided to replicate their costume armor for Star Wars events I have attended. It's been a pretty big hit! Many people have tried creating bent-Sintra outfits or leather approximations, but you won't find a more accurate and flexible suit than the one I have created. The site will show many different images of armor kits, assembled suits and other crafts.

I am not affiliated with LFL and have no commercial rights over their images.

Reason I am me
I'm a product of a strange family in a strange land called Washington. I was raised in a log-processed wooden house on a stone and ground-up rock street. I was born early, which I believe is the reason Mom has not been a morning person since that day. I was born about 3 months after Star Wars came out: embedding it into my blood. This recessive gene didn't come into play until I was 12, when I became a stark-raving lunatic for the whole mess.
Welcome to my World
In the course of my life, I intend to accomplish a few things. I will act, sing, and love with all the might I possess. Fate's hand will decide a few of those, with help from me :)

Mission Statement
I work on fanfilms; writing and directing usually, but acting when I can manage it. We have done a parody and plan another, but will delve into drama as soon as time permits it.

Why not
Props props props! New gallery coming, I am getting into this hobby and it's costing me my shirt :) Love it though.

Better red than dead
Send me an email with any questions concerning the armor.